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GCSE Mathematics Private Tuition includes the study of Geometry GCSE Mathematics Workshop Non-verbal Reasoning
“To do mathematics is to engage in an act of discovery and conjecture, intuition and inspiration; to be in a state of confusion – not because it makes no sense to you, but because you gave it sense and you still don’t understand what your creation is up to; to have a breakthrough idea; to be frustrated as an artist; to be awed and overwhelmed by an almost painful beauty.” – Paul Lockhart, author of ‘A Mathematician’s Lament’

Mathematics graduates are highly sought after in the labour market and a knowledge of Mathematics is essential also within numerous other degree disciplines, including economics, finance, and the natural and social sciences. Mathematics can make a contribution to understanding and innovation in virtually every field of human endeavour. GCSE Mathematics can encourage students not only to develop habits of rigorous thought, but also to exercise their imaginations in taking on the most mind-bending puzzles.

Our carefully selected team of tutors at LCC Learning are expert teachers from top London academic institutions who have years of experience in helping students to access their full potential and to achieve top grades in their GCSE Mathematics examinations. Through private tuition they encourage students not only to delight in Mathematics as a pure intellectual discipline, but also to understand its relevance to a variety practical problems that we encounter in everyday life. Private tuition at LCC Learning is rigorous and highly structured. Our tutors tailor their lessons to each student’s needs, adapting their teaching techniques to fit the student’s individual style of learning and picking up on any gaps in his or her knowledge. In their private tuition sessions they push students to develop their creativity and flexibility of thought as well as a patient, logical and methodological approach. These are necessary skills in taking on the challenges presented to them by the GCSE Mathematics examination, in addition to being extremely useful to them in their future careers.

Topics studied on the LCC Learning GCSE Mathematics Course

LCC Learning tutors can be seen for private tuition on a regular or occasional basis. They are able either to supplement normal classroom teaching or to provide the sole private tuition in GCSE Mathematics. We also aim to hone students’ examination technique. For this reason, we regularly stage mock examinations with a view to ensuring that students realise their full potential in GCSE Mathematics. LCC Learning offers private tuition in those key subjects most respected by leading schools and universities. Our private tuition covers all the GCSE examination boards (OCR, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC). A detailed list of the subjects we offer for private tuition can be found here.

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