About LCC Learning

LCC Learning offers centre-based and online tuition, ranging from early learning years to A-Level. Founded in 2014, our first centre was opened upon the belief that we could provide two things: bespoke private tuition and a stimulating learning environment away from home. Since then, we have expanded to more locations and seen great success stories from our students. Students who come to our centres not only receive the focused attention they miss out on in school, but also build on their learning under the supervision of our tutors. This formula maximises a student’s chance of academic success, grows their confidence, and builds a robust skill set in independent study.

Our Ethos

LCC Learning is on a mission to change the way students and parents work with trusted and quality tutors. We are committed to helping students reach their full potential in examinations by providing bespoke Primary to A Level Academic tuition at our centres in Knightsbridge and Windsor. Each of our students enjoy a stimulating and challenging course which is carefully tailored to meet their individual needs. Our goal is to help every student develop confidence, knowledge and a love of learning, arming them with all the tools they need to excel in their examinations.​

Our Tutors

Our tutors undergo a thorough screening process which includes face-to-face interviews and trial days. All our tutors are graduates of Russell Group universities and hold Disclosure and Barring Service certificates.

We also invest in tutor development, guaranteeing the quality of tuition only increases.

Our Resources

We use bespoke teaching materials created in-house at LCC Learning. We also prepare tailored assessments to be completed in supervised exam conditions at our centres. Our resource bank is updated regularly and keeps growing!

Our Senior team

Our senior team is a compact group of individuals passionate about our students and our tutors. The team oversee every programme at LCC Learning, ensuring targets are being made and met as each programme proceeds.

Parents feel reassured that they can contact a member of our senior team who will meet their needs and requirements.

Our Centres

All of our services take place at either our Knightsbridge or Windsor Branch. These are central locations with great transport links. We have individual rooms where one-to-one tuition takes place, and a private study space shared by our students and tutors to work in whilst away from studying. 

Our students benefit from a relaxed, focused environment outside of school or home where they can work productively. Plus, any queries they may have can be met by any one of our tutors, who are more than willing to help our students.