Private Tuition - all ages, from Primary School to A Level

LCC Learning provides individually tailored private tuition for students at all levels of education, whether in Primary or Secondary School.

Given the ever increasing competition to obtain a place in leading public schools and universities, it is hardly surprising that there is, correspondingly, a greater than ever demand for top quality private tuition. LCC Learning offers private tuition in all those key subjects which are most respected by leading schools and universities. For a detailed list of the subjects LCC Learning offers for private tuition, please visit: Why LCC

LCC Learning’s elite team of highly experienced tutors are all highly practised in the appraisal of any particular student’s strengths and weaknesses, and in the detection of any gaps in knowledge. Most crucially, our tutors have been carefully selected for their ability to communicate the essence of any topic or text through their tailored tuition.  All of our elite tutors teach to a wide range of GCSE & A Level examination boards such as OCR, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC, as well as ISEB for Common Entrance, and LCC Learning tutors are experts in the Aims and Objectives of the various examination boards. This enables LCC Learning to offer private tuition that is individually structured and carefully designed to match every student’s given syllabus requirements. Another vital component of LCC Learning’s private tuition is that they are heavily focused on past examination papers, so that students are prepared for the widest possible variety of questions in their examinations. Knowledge is, of course, of value in itself, but in highly competitive examinations students need to be able to employ this knowledge to the best possible effect when answering questions. Frequent mock examinations also have a highly beneficial outcome on our student’s eventual examination performances. The ability of LCC Learning students to perform at their highest level in examinations also greatly benefits from the frequency of mock examinations.

LCC Learning Tutors can be seen on a regular or occasional basis for tuition. They are able either to supplement normal classroom teaching or, if necessary, to provide the sole private tuition in a subject. LCC Learning offers private tuition on-site at the Rembrandt Hotel, Knightsbridge, as well as home-based tuition, depending on your convenience.

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