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We offer a bespoke Primary to A Level academic tuition service for students of all ages and abilities. Our trustworthy and qualified tutors craft tailored lesson plans to help students maximise their potential through learning at a pace and level which suits their individual needs. We can also provide guidance on university applications, revision strategies and exam techniques. Through building academic resilience and inspiring confidence and lifelong intellectual curiosity, we help every student perform at their best.

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Our members receive access to a wealth of quality educational resources including the LCC Learning. Membership portal, discounted rates on one-to-one private tuition, and supervised study sessions with our team of highly qualified experts. All members are assigned a personal tutor who regularly monitors their progress and helps them work towards their academic goals. Members also have access to quiet and comfortable study rooms every weekend, and during the school holidays, in our Knightsbridge centre, with support and assistance on hand whenever it is needed.

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LCC Learning offers workshops throughout the year in a range of GCSE and A Level subjects. These workshops will help your child to explore in greater depth what has been learnt in the classroom and to consolidate their knowledge. Courses and workshops are held at certain pivotal points throughout the academic year, including prior to specific examination periods, in order to cover crucial topics to the curriculum when a summary of the subject is most necessary.

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  • The teaching at LCC Learning is the best one could hope for at such an important stage in my education. My tutor's approach to teaching has been nothing but exceptional and enjoyably challenging. What makes LCC Learning different is that each lesson is tailored for you, wherever you need help in your subject. Every lesson I'm left feeling increasingly confident that I can reach the top grade - this would be impossible without such experienced and skilled tutors, who truly are London's finest tutors. I've thoroughly enjoyed my tuition here!

    Simmy / 18 years old / A Level Student

  • I find LCC as a place of inspiration and delight. Learning is tailored to ones child capability. The one to one learning and support is wonderful, it helps to know the strength and weakness of the student. My daughter has really benefited a lot from it, both morally and educationally, she now finds learning enjoyable and has more confidence in herself, and also she finds it easy to communicate and express herself better both orally and on paper. I appreciate the feedback that is always given about the progress of my daughter on a regular basis and the interest shown on her education and how to improve it. The commitment to excellence of the staff at LCC and improvement towards learning has been phenomenal.
    Elizabeth Lawson

    Elizabeth Lawson / Mother

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