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GCSE English Language Private Tuition

“People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading.“ – Jorge Luis Borges, author of Garden of the Forking Paths

At LCC Learning we help students to become both proficient and imaginative users of the English language through private tuition. Our expert GCSE English Language private tuition covers everything from the basics of English language usage (spelling, grammatical awareness) to more advanced skills (linguistics, dscourse analysis, prosody). We are fully up-to-date on recent changes to the GCSE curriculum. LCC Learning’s private tuition is individually tailored to each of our students, taking into account any gaps in their learning.

Through private tuition, we aim to  help students to enjoy a wide variety of texts with a view to broadening their vocabulary and their knowledge of linguistic conventions. By encouraging students to read and discuss a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, our expert tutors ensure that they understand the diversity of writing in the English language and  the differences between various genres. This directed reading also helps students to develop their own craft as writers. We aim to enhance their ability to write fluent and vivid English prose.

Private tuition at LCC Learning encourages students to express themselves clearly, accurately and concisely, while tailoring their language to the audience they are addressing and making full use of the resources of the English language. Our students learn how to present balanced arguments on a variety of topics in their writing. We also work to extend their English language comprehension, so that they are able to understand difficult texts and explain their implications and nuances.

GCSE English language puts weight not only on writing but also on spoken forms of communication. It is therefore essential that students are clear, confident speakers and can readily participate in debate and discussion. To that end, our expert tutors at LCC Learning will assist students not only in their reading and writing, but also in their public speaking. Our tutors regularly run classes in public speaking in which students learn to express their ideas clearly and forthrightly in front of a large audience.

We teach our students how to:

  • read critically
  • write effectively and coherently
  • use grammar correctly
  • listen to and understand spoken language
  • speak persuasively and effectively

LCC Learning’s programme of private tuition for GCSE English Language is heavily exam focused. We regularly set our students mock examinations. Our highly experienced tutors offer expert advice on exam technique and time management.

Essential elements covered in GCSE English Language Private Tuition at LCC Learning:

  • Understanding and producing non-fiction texts
  • Speaking and listening
  • Understanding spoken and written texts and writing creatively

LCC Learning tutors can be seen for private tuition in GCSE English Language on a regular or occasional basis. Our private tuition covers all the GCSE examination boards (OCR, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC).

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