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A Level English Literature Private Tuition includes the study of various writers, including Samuel Taylor Coleridge
“A classic is a book that has never finished what it has to say.” – Italio Calvino, author of If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller

Private tuition at LCC Learning aims to enhance our students’ enjoyment of the set texts for A Level English literature and to foster an appreciation of their beauty and humour, while ensuring that they achieve an understanding of their difficult vocabulary, the historical context in which the texts were written, and their various structural and stylistic devices.   Through private tuition, our students learn to engage in depth with these classics of English literature, to evaluate them and to formulate clear, analytically precise critical arguments which pay close attention to the language of these texts. Our highly experienced tutors at LCC Learning help students to master the full range of grammatical, literary and linguistic terminology that it will be necessary for students to use in their A Level English Literature exams. The private tuition provided by LCC Learning aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the set texts of the A Level English Literature syllabuses.

Our highly experienced private tutors encourage students to respond creatively to texts, using language that is clear, vivid, and appropriately formal, as well as  complex sentences structures and accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation. Private tuition in A Level English Literature at LCC Learning covers the full range of poetry and drama on the GCSE syllabus. Tutors help students to understand stagecraft and dramaturgy, metre, rhyme, metaphor and imagery. Through private tuition, students’ understanding of plot, characterisation, events and settings in fiction are enriched, so that they are able to explain motivation of each of the characters as well as the relationship between the various events in the set texts. Our private tuition in English Literature is carefully calibrated to the individual needs and abilities of each of our students. Our rigorous, exam-focused course of study includes regular mock examinations.

Writers taught in LCC Learning A Level English Literature Sessions

LCC Learning tutors can be seen for private tuition on a regular or occasional basis. They are able either to supplement normal classroom teaching or to provide the sole private tuition in A Level English Literature. Furthermore, LCC Learning offers private tuition in those key subjects most respected by leading schools and universities. Our private tuition covers all the A Level examination boards (OCR, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC). For a detailed list of the subjects we offer for private tuition, please visit this page.

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