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UCAS Advice and Guidance

Filling out the UCAS form and personal statement

For most university courses, the UCAS personal statement is second only in importance to exam results in helping assessors to decide whether an applicant should be given a place. It is therefore vital that students present themselves in the best light possible in their personal statement. Universities will be looking for evidence that an applicant is genuinely interested in their chosen subject and has pursued their interest outside of lessons. LCC Learning’s UCAS advice will ensure that you have the best chance possible of impressing university assessors with your personal statement.

UCAS advice: how can LCC Learning help?

LCC Learning offers UCAS advice for every stage of your university application. Our team of UCAS advice consultants helps you to select a programme that best fits your needs and goals. Making use of their expertise on the education market, they provide you with analysis on the quality of the courses offered by different institutions, helping you to choose the one with the best academic outcomes and employability prospects.

Once your choice of course and universities has been made, our UCAS advice consultants work with you to produce an attractive personal statement that will impress the admissions boards of the institutions to which you are applying. They will help you to articulate clearly what it is that interests you about the course to which you are applying and to present your academic interests and extracurricular activities in the best possible light. If the institutions to which you are applying require that you submit other documents in support of your application, our UCAS advice consultants will also work with you to ensure that they are all of the highest quality. Every piece of writing that makes up your application – your UCAS personal statement and any supporting documents – will be thoroughly proofread and copyedited by our UCAS advice consultations prior to submission.

If you are required to attend an interview as part of your application, LLC Learning UCAS advice consultants will work with you to prepare for it. They will ensure that on the day of the interview you are as ready as possible for any difficult questions that your assessors may pose and able to present yourself confidently.

For those wishing to apply to the Oxford or Cambridge, we also offer advice on Oxbridge applications. You can find more information here.

Please contact us with your details and contact numbers to discuss UCAS advice at LCC Learning with one of our consultants. Alternatively you can contact us on 0203 727 7298 or email us at contact@lcc-learning.com.