Personal Statement Guidance for applicants

Personal Statement Guidance:

The great increase in the numbers of students wishing to go to university over the past two decades has led to the gradual demise of the university interview and the corresponding increase in the significance of the personal statement. For most applicants this statement is now their only chance to sell themselves. Of course, the personal statement becomes even more crucial if a student possesses relatively mediocre GCSE & AS grades.  Given its importance, it is not surprising that many students get very anxious about completing their personal statement, and some may urgently need advice regarding content, structure and tone.  We therefore invite you to send us your initial draft.

This draft will then be submitted to one of our UCAS advisors, the relevant subject specialist and an essay writing expert.   This team will together help you to craft a personal statement that you are delighted with and, more importantly, that will convince university admissions to offer you a place. This process will take 7- 14 days.  It is important to remember that UCAS has software that will detect plagiarism so your statement has to be unique to you. Though the personal statement can often prove to be among the hardest documents a student will be required to write, if composed in a persuasive and manner, it should reflect your ambitions and interest, linking these to the subjects and institutions to which you have chosen to apply.

LCC Learning also offers bespoke guidance to applicants to universities, to Oxbridge and to internships or work experience – for all of these, we offer interview practice and advice drawing from experience of the subjects or institutions relevant to the application.

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