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Q: What language will the Course be taught in?
A: The classes and activities will all be conducted in English.
Q: What age groups would the Programme be appropriate for?
A: The course is designed for children between the ages of 10 and 13.
Q: When should we arrive in order to begin the programme on time?
A: Check in is the day before the programme begins.
Q: How many nights of accommodation are there in the programme?
A: For a 10-day programme, students are accomodated for 11 nights, beginning with the night before the first day and finishing with the night of the last day.
Q: We would like to stay in London after the programme for a few days. Can we remain in the hotel?
A: Subject to availability, and for an additional cost, we can arrange for additional nights of accomodation, whether before or after the programme. Please contact us for additional details.
Q: How many hours of tuition are included in the programme?
A:The number of hours spent in class depend on the length of the programme chosen. A 10-day course contains 20 hours of English Tuition and 7 hours of History.
Q: How many excursions take place over the course of the programme?
A: Excepting the Leadership day, there is a trip on each day of the programme, whether taking a few hours or the whole day.
Q: What level of English should my child have before taking part in the programme?
A: The programme is designed for beginners.
Q: Can my child join the course part way through the programme?
A: We recommend that all students begin the programme on Day 1, as each class is structured to build on the previous one. However, we do allow students to join the course half way through, dependant on capacity.
Q: I wish my child to take part in the programme, but there are specific events and trips that we do not want them to attend.
A: Students are free to choose whether to take part in the activities or excursions; however, the fee for the programme will remain the same.
Q: What do children receive for passing the course?
A: Every student who completes the programme will be presented with a certificate of achievement.
Q: Can adults attend the course?
A: The programme is only for students aged between 10 and 13. For students outside of these age groups, including adult learners, we can offer one to one tuition. Please email us at contact@lcc-learning.com For more information.