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LCC Learning Young Leaders Programme’s ethos can be summarised by our objective to cultivate intellectual agility and wellbeing in all of our students in an academically stimulating, but also friendly and supportive, environment. We are motivated and determined by our aims:

  • Instilling in all of our students habits of hard work, resilience, commitment and a spirit of enquiry;
  • Ambition that every student of any ability has the capacity to develop and improve their intellect and academic ability;
  • Ensuring the safety and welfare of all students in an environment that is both friendly and stimulating;
  • Offering every student equal access to our educational facilities and staff, in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to develop and excel;
  • Ensuring that students are constantly intellectually stimulated and challenged, in a way that encourages them always to surpass their expectations of themselves;
  • Fostering open-mindedness, tolerance and politeness;
  • Encouraging students to make the most of not only students’ school experiences, but also their life in higher education and beyond;
  • Developing skills that can be translated into the pursuit of students’ individual interests;
  • Fostering a friendly atmosphere within classes through the use of group activities;
  • Increasing students’ awareness of the world around them, instilling in every student the aspiration to make a positive contribution to society.