Expert teachers

Expert teachers

LCC Learning has carefully chosen a team of elite tutors all of whom are highly qualified and have many years of experience working in a range of educational establishments. Many of our tutors have also previously worked as examiners, and consequently possess crucial inside knowledge of examination techniques. Our focused and flexible courses have been designed by the tutors to exactly match the individual needs of students. Tutors are simultaneously motivated by a passion for their subject and the desire to inspire this same passion in their students.

Ancillary Services

LCC Learning offers mock tests in all levels and subjects. We encourage students to avail themselves of this facility in order to become accustomed to performing under exam conditions and to discover any potential gaps in knowledge or understanding. These tests will take place throughout the year on the last Saturday of every month. Papers will be marked and vital feedback provided within seven days. LCC Learning also provides workshops on a broad range of topics, including essay writing skills, contextual background, essay referencing and interview techniques, together with introductions to university degree courses and explanations of what these courses will entail. View all available courses

Charity Support

Charity Support

LCC Learning not only takes very seriously its responsibilities towards its students and tutors, but also wishes to contribute more generally to the well-being of the society of which it is a part.  We have therefore started up Equal Citizens, a social organisation devoted to the promotion of greater awareness and understanding for those living with mental disabilities. One of Equal Citizen’s principle activities will be to make presentations in schools throughout the UK in order to foster empathy and compassion amongst schoolchildren. 10% of LCC Learning’s profits will be invested into this social enterprise.


LCC Learning offers courses in a prestigious central London location, the Rembrandt Hotel in Knightsbridge. This venue is not only both highly convenient, close to underground stations, but is also able to provide students with comfortable and safe environments in which to learn. Furthermore, this environment also provides any waiting parents with facilities enabling them to relax in style as well as close proximity to a health spa, department stores, cafes, museums and parks.

The LCC Approach

The LCC Learning Approach

We offer a flexible approach to learning in small groups, with classes not only determined by the requirements of specific examinations, but also sensitive to every student’s individual needs. The overriding aim of our team of highly experienced tutors is to maximize a student’s potential. This is achieved through an initial assessment of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, after which tutors, whilst primarily focusing on past papers and examination techniques, will also flexibly tailor the courses to fill any perceived gaps in knowledge and clarify what remains unclear. Throughout the courses, there will be regular homework assignments. We also offer a series of mock tests over the year which students are encouraged to attend so that their progress can be continuously monitored.

LCC Subjects

LCC Learning’s courses and workshops cover those key subjects most respected by leading universities, as well as offering a number of number of ancillary courses over the year which are designed to further sharpen academic performance and provide cultural background. Our tutors are highly experienced in teaching the syllabuses of a wide range of GCSE & A Level examination boards, such as OCR, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC as well as the ISEB for Common Entrance.

Trusted Certifications
Subject Common entrance GCSE A Level
English Language yes yes yes
English Literature yes yes yes
History yes yes yes
German yes yes yes
Italian yes yes yes
French yes yes yes
Spanish yes yes yes
Latin no yes yes
Geography yes yes yes
Economics no no yes
Mathematics yes yes yes
Further Mathematics no no yes
Biology yes yes yes
Chemistry yes yes yes
Physics yes yes yes
Drama yes yes yes
Politics no yes yes
Philosophy no yes yes
ICT no yes yes
Computing no yes yes