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Posted on 8th October, 2017 by LCC Learning

LCC Learning is a central London-based college that specifically focuses on GCSE & A Level revision courses, offering classes in a wide range of subjects during the Christmas and Easter vacations.  We also offer lectures on a variety of ancillary subjects throughout the year as well as a continuous programme of mock testing, together with UCAS and personal statement advice service.

Before explaining why we think it would be an excellent idea to choose LCC Learning, let’s first consider why GCSE and A Level revision courses in general are a good idea.  Revision courses supplement and reinforce solitary revision by offering students fresh perspectives, the opportunity to discover and make good any gaps in knowledge, to learn new examination techniques and also the chance to share any problems or doubts with teachers and fellow students.

So much for revision courses in general, but why LCC Learning?

Revision Courses at LCC Learning

Firstly, for LCC Learning, GCSE & A Level revision courses are not an afterthought, a mere ill-thought out extra, but rather our speciality, what we do.   Our elite tutors, all highly qualified and only invited to join the LCC Learning team after a long and painstaking selection process, are experts in GCSE & A Level revision and examination techniques.  Indeed, many are former GCSE and A Level examiners. In addition, our tutors are passionate about their subjects.  As well as being motivated by the desire to help students to perform to the very best of their ability, they are also inspired by the desire to impart their passion for their subjects to their students.

Secondly, LCC Learning’s courses are intensely flexible, designed and constantly adapted by tutors to match each individual student’s very different GCSE & A Level revision needs. Courses are not written down in advance.  The form they finally take depends on our students’ responses.  This highly flexible approach is possible on account is made possible by the quality of LCC Learning tutors, their confidence, experience and depth of knowledge, as well as the fact that class sizes are kept very small.  We would add here that we still run courses, even if there is only a single student.

Thirdly, it is important to stress that LCC Learning offers GCSE & A Level revision classes over the Christmas vacation as well as during the Easter vacation.  We think that this is a vital service given the fact that January examinations have been abolished, and that students might, in consequence, fail to focus on gaps in knowledge or flaws in technique until it is too late to properly address these problems. Furthermore, the fact that it is no longer possible to retake exams in January means that it is more crucial than ever for students to perform to their optimum ability in May & June.

Fourthly, in addition to our GCSE & A Level revision courses, LCC Learning also offers the following:

  • An exciting range of round the year specialist lectures, designed to provide background knowledge and cultural awareness which will prove useful not only for students’ immediate examination requirements, but also for their future university studies.
  • Specialist UCAS guidance as well as crucial advice regarding the composition of personal statements.
  • A mock testing programme which runs throughout the year which is designed to ensure that our students are fully prepared for the summer examinations.

Finally, we would simply add that LCC Learning’s GCSE & A Level revision courses, together with the supplementary lectures and mock tests, all take place in comfortable, stylish and secure locations in Knightsbridge SW7 and Regent’s Park NW3.

We look forward to welcoming you to LCC Learning.

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