Personal Tutors and their role at LCC Learning

Each of our members at LCC Learning is assigned a personal tutor to monitor their progress and discuss with them any issues that might arise from their studies. The tutors will be available at set times throughout the week and during the weekend to provide their assigned students with any assistance they may need.  Our members are encouraged to spend half an hour each week discussing their progress with their personal tutors.

The Benefits of Personal Tutors

The LCC Learning personal tutor’s role is open-ended. Depending on the needs of their assigned students, the tutor may work with them on a number of different aspects of their academic life. If a student is struggling with a particular aspect of their homework, their tutor will help them with or arrange for them a meeting with another of our on-site tutors; between them, on-site tutors are capable of providing guidance for the most popular GCSE and A Level subjects. LCC Learning personal tutors also work with students to improve general study skills and revision techniques, as well as to instil in them a confident and resilient attitude to learning. They can offer advice on career planning and on school and university applications. Your child’s personal tutor will ensure that you are kept fully up-to-date on his or her progress. 

Please fill out the form below with your details and contact numbers to discuss personal tutoring at LCC Learning with one of our consultants. Alternatively you can contact us on 020 7661 1680 or email us at Follow this link to for a summary of the general educational consultation and assessment services provided by LCC Learning, or click here to learn about private tuition at LCC Learning, which often works best when combined with guidance and feedback from a personal tutor. Testimonials from parents and from students of various ages can be found here.