More than 150 online modules have been carefully tailored to prepare our students for an ever-changing 21st Century. Once completed, the LCC Learning PDP certificate is awarded.

About LCC Learning’s Personal Development Programme (PDP)

While schools regularly assess students academically, there are important life skills that are often not incorporated into the core syllabus. The PDP seeks to address this, introducing students to topics and concepts they will find useful throughout their adult life, such as the importance of empathy, writing a CV or understanding a Profit and Loss bank account.

Modules fall into the following categories

  • Health
  • Social Awareness
  • Personal Finance
  • World History
  • Personal Development
  • Culture
  • Career Development
  • Philosophy
  • And more…

Key Features

150 modules Fully online Knowledge checks Suitable for 13+ Certificate on completion

Our programmes

University Preparation Programme


Includes all modules relevant to preparing for the University application process.

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Personal Development Programme


The full Programme, with all modules. Completion entitles you to the programme certificate.

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We are happy to create a programme to your specifications, tailoring the programme to your specific areas of interest.

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