Master’s Advice and Guidance for Students and Graduates

Acquiring a Master’s Degree

In a competitive labour market in which more and more employers demand top qualifications, many people are seeking to undertake postgraduate degrees. There are a bewildering number and variety of Master’s degrees available both in Britain and abroad; applicants will often experience difficulty in choosing between them. Whether you are seeking a personally enriching learning experience or to pursue a course of study that will help you to advance in your career, LCC Learning’s expert Master’s advice will help you to make the right decisions and to maximise your chances of success.

Master’s Advice – How can LCC Learning help?

LCC Learning offers Master’s advice for every stage of the process of choosing your degree programme and making an application. Our team of Master’s advice consultants helps you to select a programme that is best suited to your interests and aspirations. Making use of their expertise on the education market, they provide you with analysis on the quality of the courses offered by different institutions, helping you to choose the one with the best academic outcomes and employability prospects.

Once you have chosen your course, our Master’s advice learning consultants will advise you on filling out your applications, including for scholarships, and on producing a set of supporting documents that will be looked on favourably by the admissions board of the institution to which you are applying. They aim to ensure that every piece of writing you submit will make you stand out as an applicant; as well as advising you on the content of your submissions, they will subject them to thorough proofread and copyedit. In addition, they advise you on communicating with your academic referees and with potential tutors or supervisors. In the event that your chosen institution requires you to attend an interview, our Master’s advice package includes mock interviews with experts in the subject matter of the course for which you are applying. Our Master’s advice consultants will ensure that that you stand the best chance of winning a place on the programme that is most suited to helping you achieve your ambitions.  

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