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Aida Khan
Aida Khan
16:57 13 Jul 19
Absolutely amazing! My child has such a great time :) the teacher was super engaging and the space is perfect! Highly recommend it for anyone looking for something fun and different for kids to engage in. 👍
Candice Tabet
Candice Tabet
14:24 09 Jul 19
My daughters absolutely LOVE dancing with LCC. My eldest who is quite shy, has completely benefited from these classes and has completely come out of her shell! GREAT EXPERIENCE!!
Andrew Brockman
Andrew Brockman
11:54 18 Mar 19
An amazing place to learn.
Evgenia Slyusarenko
Evgenia Slyusarenko
10:18 13 Mar 19
Even though it was only few months since my daughter have started her tutorials at LCC I can see a great progress and good results we were unable to archive before. Her level of confidence in reading and math significantly increased as well as her willingness to do extra work independently. We are very grateful to LCC team and will definitely recommend its services to our friends.
Song Brockman
Song Brockman
13:23 28 Sep 18
The phrase "Going the extra mile" doesn't do this place justice. Consultants at LCC flew over to my friend's School in Saudi just after his exam..! Now he is in London, being looked after at a nice hotel, taken to school and judo class by security guards. And taught how to hack and build robots, in the weekends! Might do this myself soon if parents let me.
AI.2.0 Brockman
AI.2.0 Brockman
18:13 07 Sep 18
Excellent tailored educational services, and fantastic customer service from LCC staff as well as the wider hotel team. Very well mannered indeed. Not forgetting to mention the brilliant luxury facilities, from the toilets to the spa/sawner/pool and health club!
David Allen
David Allen
18:10 07 Sep 18
Heard about this from a Friend on Facebook and then visited the website. The fact that they tailor the schedule and learning material around the pain points specific to each student is a great idea, certainly interested in testing the waters here!Lovely chats over the phone and via email so far. Good show and bravo.

The teaching at LCC Learning is the best one could hope for at such an important stage in my education. My tutor's approach to teaching has been nothing but exceptional and enjoyably challenging. What makes LCC Learning different is that each lesson is tailored for you, wherever you need help in your subject. Every lesson I'm left feeling increasingly confident that I can reach the top grade - this would be impossible without such experienced and skilled tutors, who truly are London's finest tutors. I've thoroughly enjoyed my tuition here!

Simmy has applied for Politics with East European Studies at UCL.

Simmy / 18, Simmy studied for her A Levels at LCC Learning
Charles Cropped

LCC is a great academic institution for students ranging from primary school through GCSEs, to A levels.
I found LCC extremely helpful during the build up towards my GCSEs. The teaching staff were amazing and helped with my school work and gave me extra work which would help me reach higher grades for my exams.
As a result of going to LCC over the weekends and working hard, I achieved fantastic academic results at GCSE and I wouldn't have done so well without them.

Charles / 17, Charles is studying for his A Levels
Dani 1 – Cropped

I'm going to LCC Learning to prepare for my 8+ examinations. I really like it here and I’m learning so much!

Dani passed her assessments and has since received an offer to attend her school of choice in London.

Dani / 8, Dani prepared for her 8+ examinations at LCC Learning

Great experience! Our daughter prepared for her A levels at LCC Learning. It turned out to be a great option for her in finding a suitable working environment with space and help to study.
She also found support for her personal statement, and throughout the academic year.
We have now our two sons preparing for their GCSEs at LCC Learning. They are keen and willing to work there.
We would not hesitate to recommend it to our friends.

Marie / Parent, Marie has two sons at LCC Learning