Educational Consultation and Assessment

LCC Learning provides a number of educational consultation and assessment services to help you track your child’s progress through the academic year and to understand what measures you should take in order to increase their chances of academic success. We offer educational consultation and assessment to students aged 7 to 18, providing them with advice on a number of topics, including school and university applications and revision planning.

Educational Consultation and Assessment at LCC Learning: How Can We Help?

A educational consultation and assessment package at LCC Learning is always tailored to your particular needs, but it will typically involve mock examination in the subjects of your choosing. This will be followed by an hour and a half long meeting with our expert learning consultants, who will take you through the results of the examination and offer you advice on how to plan your child’s future education.

The kind of advice we give in these educational consultation and assessment sessions varies according to the age of the child as well as on their goals and aspirations. Parents of students who are seeking to undertake the 7+, 8+ 11+, 13+ or Common Entrance examinations may wish to discover which school is right for their child. With our extensive knowledge of the education landscape and long list of contacts, we can help you to identify the institution in which your child can thrive and succeed. For those whose choice is already made, our educational consultants  offer guidance on how best to ensure that your child does  full  justice to their abilities in  school entrance examinations  and interviews.  We aim to help you to understand fully the requirements of the various assessments that your child will be undergoing.

Our education consultation and assessment sessions at for students taking GCSEs and A Levels are typically directed towards helping them identify gaps in their knowledge and improving their examination technique, as well as drawing up a plan of learning and revision that will maximise their chances of success in their final examinations. We also offer advice on subject choice for GSCE and A Level, and on higher education. Students applying for university will benefit from our guidance in discovering which programme at which higher education institution is right for them and on filling out their UCAS forms.  We specialise in offering advice on Oxbridge applications and the Oxbridge interview process.

Please fill out the form below with your details and contact numbers to discuss educational consultation and assessment at LCC Learning with one of our consultants. Alternatively you can contact us on 0203 727 7298 or email us at Click here to view our testimonials.

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